What are the requirements for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Are you an IT professional, an engineer, or an MBA graduate, who wants to enhance his/her career prospects in project management?  Have you always wanted to be a part of the management environment and lead projects that directly impact the organization’s bottom line? Well, the Six Sigma courses are designed just for your career aspirations. The Certifications help you understand the Six Sigma phases of problem-solving and how to leverage the principles for maximizing your company’s ROI.

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification online is tailored to meet the current industry needs, and combine Six Sigma with Lean Management. A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification online can help you master the techniques of end-to-end process optimization and product development and customer satisfaction. It is also the most important point of Six Sigma learning as you move towards the grand finale of the Master Black Belt.

A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification online can make a difference to your earning potential. A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt expert typically earns more than $15,761 as per the 2020 Quality Progress Salary Survey. What’s more, as it is online self-paced learning based on the flipped classroom model, you can plan your certification alongside projects for comprehensive learning.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma is both a philosophy and a methodology, used in organizations to improve business processes and minimize waste. The philosophy looks at work as processes that can be defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled (DMAIC) with inputs. The methodology uses the DMAIC approach to define the strategies for business solutions.

A Six Sigma qualification requires proficiency in the Body of Knowledge (BOK) so the practitioner can leverage the right techniques and tools for efficient project management and quality control.

Integrating Lean and Six Sigma for value-added learning

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification combines Six Sigma and Lean Management for process optimization and workflow standardization. With Lean Six Sigma learning, you can help your company achieve a business advantage with happy customers, waste reduction, and variation management.

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification 

The certification is an online program where you learn to manage projects and are mentored on the go by Master Black Belts practitioners. It empowers the learner with a good understanding of the DMAIC model as well as basic Lean enterprise concepts for deploying the right tools. The learning walks through the Six Sigma principles and supporting tools to teach you both, leadership skills and Lean Six Sigma skills.

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A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt professional can explain the Six Sigma philosophies to his team, demonstrate leadership skills, and lead problem-solving projects. Along the way, he trains his team for optimal use of resources. Black Belts also function under Master Black Belts to apply Six Sigma principles to problems that require eliminating errors and faults.

Six Sigma executives plan and execute projects as per the Six Sigma philosophy, and aim at adding value to the organizational goals. As enterprise frameworks operate differently, the certification helps executives establish the strategic roadmap of their companies’ Six Sigma infrastructure: either constructing one or implementing an existing program that aligns with the companies’ culture and goals.

Requirements to get certified

The logical path to a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification begins with Yellow and Green Belt Certifications and moves on to the Black Belt in progressive stages.

The Black Belt Certification is achieved by performing a role. A Certification without a role may not help you develop all the right skills for project management and leadership.

Who is eligible?

Any executive in IT or with a managerial role can do this Certification: software professionals, quality assurance engineers, or senior managers and team leaders, for instance.

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification requires at least two Six Sigma projects completion or one project completion accompanied with three years of work experience in any of the areas of the Six Sigma Black Belt BOK.

Some examples of projects that qualify as work experience include:

  • Reduction in manufacturing defects
  • Reduction in invoice processing costs

Work experience refers to full-time paid employment in a decision-making role.

The Six Sigma Black Belt Examination

It is mandatory to pass the written examination. The examination paper consists of multiple-choice questions that measure your comprehension of the Six Sigma Black Belt BOK.

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The Six Sigma Black Belt examination is a four-hour, 150 multiple-choice questions online examination offered twice a year, in March and October. Examinations are closed-book, and candidates are expected to score a minimum of 420 out of 600 points. Every exam has updated versions of the Six Sigma BOK with new technologies, policies, and trends shaping manufacturing and service industries.


There are no prerequisites to appear for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam, other than having passed the previous Green Belt exam. However, formal training from a verified Lean Six Sigma trainer or knowledge partner in Lean Six Sigma is recommended. Real-world Lean Six Sigma work experience is also a must-have.

Six Sigma as a Career Option:

Nowadays, organizations and people are using Lean Six Sigma to enhance their operational proficiency. Hence Six Sigma Black Belt professionals are in high demand, which leads to your valuable career opportunities and considering Six Sigma as a good career option.


Many leading companies across the world have begun implementing Six Sigma methodologies, because of their impact on profit lines. As Six Sigma methods discover and remove operational errors that weigh down customer satisfaction or profits, expertise in process optimization and savings is a valued skill set. Employers keen to implement Six Sigma methodologies hire Six Sigma Black Belt Certified professionals for the value they bring to the company. However, the supply of certified professionals is not enough to meet the high global demand. So a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification on a resume can get you a senior job role with a lucrative salary at a global enterprise.

As the Covid-19 resets the way companies work and hire, the focus on ROI and cost-saving has increased. Organizations want to plug losses and eliminate errors with a rise in the hiring of Six Sigma professionals.

So what are you waiting for? Explore your pathway to Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and learn problem-solving for resource management. Become a valuable asset in your company and build your career prospects in Six Sigma.

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