Spesifikasi Nokia 5.4 Lengkap

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Spesifikasi Nokia 5.4 Lengkap

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Spesifikasi Nokia 5.4 Lengkap 4

Key features:

MakealastingimpressionwithNokia5.4.Gettotalcreativecontrol–withadvanced video recording and cinematic effects, you can capture your world in stunning detail. Do more with the streamlined Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 for longer, thanks to up to 2-day battery life.1 And stay on top of everything with a phone that’sreadyforAndroid™11andbeyond,soyoucanworkandplay,yourway.

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Take videos and photos like the pros.

Snapgreatphotoseverytimewiththe48MPQuadcamera–featuringzeroshutter lag. Plus, capture your world in motion with 60fps cinematic video recording, and usetoolslikecolorgradingtoturnyourvisionintoreality.

Rely on AI.

Goforadevicethatworksharderbybeingsmarter.TheQualcommSnapdragon 662MobilePlatformisoptimizedwiththelatestAItechnology,soyoucanstay productiveinwhateveryoudo.

Set your sights on something bigger.

Theimpressive6.39”HD+punchholedisplayprovidesmorespaceforstreaming, gaming and browsing, while still fitting in your pocket. The eye-catching Nordic designalsofeaturesadurablerearcoverinlivingcolors,makingyourphoneas strong as it isbeautiful.

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Power through whatever you do.

Dowhatyouwant,whenyouwant,withgenerousupto2-daybatterylife1.AI- assistedAdaptiveBatterytechnologyalsoofferssmarterappusage,prioritizing powertothethingsyouusethemost.

Stay secure and up to date.

Getmoreoutofyourphonewithprivacy,security,easynavigationandadvanced AI. Enjoy the latest features and stay secure with 3 years of monthly security updatesand2yearsofsoftwareupgrades.Plus,withasystemprimedandready forAndroid11andbeyond,youcanstayaheadofthegame.

Nokia 5.4 sales package includes:

Nokia 5.4device
“Quick Start”guide
Type-C USBcable
SIM traytool
Screen protector(pre-applied)

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Spesifikasi Nokia 5.4 Lengkap 5

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